The purpose of the International Order of Job’s Daughters is to promote friendship among young women. It gives members the foundation on which to build the qualities to become contributing partners of society through personal growth. 

Job’s Daughters is a service oriented, non-profit organization to unite young women who share the common bond of Masonic heritage. Membership enables them to learn leadership skills, organizational methods, and the importance of fulfilling individual responsibilities within a group. By planning their own activities, the members have fun doing what they want to do at the same time creating lasting friendships. 

About Job’s Daughters 

What do Job's Daughters do? What do you like to do? Play in the snow? Surf at the beach? Dance? Talk all night with good friends? Swim? 

Well Job's Daughters do all of these -- and more! As an organization of young women, Job's Daughters can combine the energy and adventure of your teen-age years with the lasting values of concern for others, love of God, and a belief in yourself. Its activities provide opportunities for young women to develop confidence, good character, life-long friendships, moral and spiritual values, and leadership abilities -- and to have a lot of fun along the way. 

Bethel Meetings are when the normal business of all organizations is conducted (such as paying bills, hearing reports of committees, receiving petitions for membership), initiating new members, and having time for talk and laughter. At such meetings members wear a white Grecian-style robe, similar to that worn in the time of Job. 

At activities outside of the Bethel, members dress as other young women do, and spend their time in cementing friendships, improving their communities, and enjoying the fun of youth. All activities are chaperoned for the safety and welfare of all. 

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